4 Emotions To Empower Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy constantly evolving as consumers are constantly looking for more forms of instant gratification with brands. For your brand to truly resonate with your audience, you need to have a specific emotional trigger in mind. One essential question when crafting content for your bran is:

How do you want your audience to feel when they see, hear, or read something about your brand?

Answering this will give you a clear vision moving forward with your content marketing strategy; finding what kind of content will trigger the right emotions with your audience.

emotions in your content marketing strategy

The Power of Emotions in your Content Marketing Strategy

Emotions can have an immense power on human behaviour. One small feeling can make one persons decision shift completely if powerful enough.

When exploring consumer behaviour a little further, we understand that people rely on emotions or how they feel about something more than information when making a decision. The rational brain makes sure to look through and process the information, but it is the emotional brain that makes the final call on buying.

Hundreds of brands have incorporated emotions into their marketing strategies, developing content to incite a specific emotion for their audience to link their brand to.

While people feel a variety of different emotions, not all emotions are the same and some emotions can prove to be more powerful than others. We’ve rounded up four of the most effective emotions that trigger interest, buying, and loyalty.


Happiness is universal emotion understood by most people around the world. It is also one of the most desirable emotions to feel. Some people feel happy when something good happens, and others might consider it a state of being.

Paint a picture of positivity for your audience. Consider essential senses such as sight and sound in your content marketing strategy to really trigger the emotion. Use colours that incite a sense of happiness such as yellow. When crafting your content keep in mind the tone your brand is trying to invoke happy, joyful, cheerful are a few tones you may want to consider when communicating with your audience.



A sense of belonging is a strong emotional trigger when it comes to the way consumers behave or respond to a brands communication. Many communities over the world have a very strong sense of community and the feeling of belonging is an effective emotional trigger. Our natural desire to connect and engage with those around us is so powerful that it birthed a new category of media – social media (yes, you read that correctly).

Customers want to feel warm, loved, and welcomed to your brand and the community it has. There are numerous ways to communicate with your customers and fans through your content marketing strategy and make them feel a sense of belonging.

One popular way of strengthening a sense of belonging with customers in your content marketing strategy, language designed for your brand Another way is to invite customers and fans to share their experience and stories.



Trust is one of the best emotional triggers to implement in your brand. Everyone loves a brand they can trust. It’s constantly included in branding strategies and marketing ideas. Credibility can take your brand to another level and increase your customer loyalty.

Some of the great ways to communicate trust and credibility in your content marketing strategy is to build professional website and social media platforms. Your content should be consistent, maintaining content that can strengthen that credibility; communicating reasons why consumers should trust your brand. Another great way to promote your credibility in your content marketing strategy is by communicating transparency, whether that’s in your products or your brand’s policies.

4 Emotions To Empower Your Content Marketing Strategy 2


In an age where consumers are looking for more instant gratification everyday, value paves the way to meet the that need. This could be one of the strongest emotions take triggers a consumers buying behaviours to click buy.

With thousands of new competitors entering the market every year, the price of a product doesn’t provide the competitive edge it used to. Diving deeper into value, there are two types to explore: Tangible value and Intangible Value.

Tangible Value is anything with a measurable variable. Some examples of this could be saving money, reduce costs, get something else with your purchase, or make more money. Intangible Value, on the other hand, is not as easy to measure but can be communicated just as easily. These can include things like financial freedom, protection, experiences, and improving quality of life.

Providing a blended mix of both tangible and intangible value for your consumer can paint a picture of all the different aspects of why your brand should be chosen above others.

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Incorporating Emotions into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Although the world of content marketing is mainly for educating and engaging consumers with useful information instead of pure selling and entertainment, incorporating emotions into your content marketing strategy can prove to strengthen your communication and trigger your consumers buying behaviour.

What emotions would you consider using for your brand. Let us know!

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