Vital Creative Lab.

At atp creative lab, we create ideas, advertising campaigns, branding themes & creative themes, all of which combine our 3 core dimensions of vitality, art & functionality.

Brand Names

Our vital naming methodology ensures your next product will 'sound' phenomenal.

Campaign Themes

We create campaign ideas to encapsulate the tone & key messages based on your strategic direction, selected media channels & brand positioning.

Creative Concepts

We’re experts in generating contemporary, state of the art branding concepts.

Create a campaign, name a new product or design a new concept



How we come up with great ideas?

We apply the 4 stages of creativity to our own creative methodology.

Preparation - Research

Understanding what we are up against. In this phase we gather all your requirements, research the market & plan for creative directions. It’s a lot of work, but it is necessary to have sufficient information from which we can create a great idea.

Incubation - Directions

In the brainstorming phase of creation, we multiple directions for the creative project. Creative directions makes the next phase more business oriented & ensures that any ideas generated in the illumination phase are relevant to your target audience.

Illumination - Creation

The brainstorming part of the process which everyone likes. Having creative directions in place, we generate a wide range of ideas for each set direction, and then trim them to the ones which are most effective.

Evaluation - Validation

The final step of the creative lab. In this phase we validate each of the lab result, to make sure any campaign idea/brand name we deliver to you is authentic, new, powerful, relevant & copes with your business needs.

It's not only about creativity. We are branding experts who can find the perfect ideas for your brand.

The creative process might be time consuming, sophisticated and might seem at first as something you would want to avoid. But with our expertise in this matter, we have our own methodology in place, to create, asses & communicate ideas that are relevant to your target audience.

Why us

We got access to another dimension.

Our ideas are out of this planet, yet are so functional like an astronaut suit in outer space. let us show you how we do it.

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    Most frequent questions about the creative process

    After the creative lab results are approved by your, we provide you with a detailed PDF presentation for your chosen campaign idea, brand name, brand theme or customer engagement activity. 

    Yes & no. You will have to be extensively involved in the ‘preparation – research’ phase, as this will ensure we have everything we need to create a brilliant idea for you. In the next phases it is up to you to determine the level of involvement you want.

    We do most of the work regarding this in our creative process. The ideas we will provide you will be already properly evaluated across the business information & target audience. Still, you can assess the brand name first by making sure it sounds nice & easy to remember and pronounce. Second, by making sure it is not out there (at least within your geographical or industry radius). And third, by making sure you like it.

    This depends on a lost of variables, you can check our starting pricing above for more details. But you should expect to have a starting budget of $2,500.