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atp Design Studio is where the most effective visual communication techniques are created. Whether it’s an outdoor billboard, a printed brochure or a mobile ad, we design branded visual tools for clients so they can shape their brands, develop strong communication platforms and connect with their audience.

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What is a brand or visual identity? Why is to so important?


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Design Studio Services

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Logos – Brand Identity – Art Direction – Brand Personas & more.

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Design Concepts

Themes & Design Concepts for advertising campaigns, marketing material,  events & activation.

Packaging & Product Design

We specialize in packaging & label design, label design & printing.

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We design them all. Billboards – Printable Material – Social Media Banners & More.

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Web Design

We do full website design projects, and we develop them if needed.

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Great user journeys & trendy screens’ design for your current or upcoming app.

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“Visual communication is the most effective way of passing information because the human  brain processes information in image form.”

How can Design Studio help you?

Create a powerful brand or empower your brand awareness

While you focus on your core business, we will make sure you have unique, memorable brand identity, an effective company & product presentation, as well as a strong customer recognition. This will enhance your credibility & customer loyalty.

Communicate your key product benefits in an impactful visual manner

The digital environment, customers have the ability to easily compare products/services details before the buying decision. Therefore, to enhanced credibility and ease of purchase, a continuously enhanced brand image is required.

Shine within your organization & communicate visually

The power of visual communications reaches beyond external customer communication. Visually strong presentations, not only Cascades brand values internally to your team, it also ensures employee full engagement and enhances brand culture.

Invest when vital, save when required & avoid the rework dilemma

We have encountered many clients who got stuck in the rework loop, meaning they try to cut on costs when it was crucial to invest, thus, they end up redoing most of their design work, and paying more than they should, to fix the mistakes of the past. We give you proper consultation for your design project to avoid your own rework loop.

We visually empower businesses

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    Most frequent questions about the design process

    The core difference between atp Vital Design Studio & design agencies is the variety of talents available to work on your project. Design Studio’s network of designers extends beyond geographical boundaries. We have designer in Italy, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Argentine, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt & more. This network enables Design Studio to offer your a variety of design tastes and price ranges. Unlike design agencies, which are more concerned with overheads coverage than your business needs & quality expectations. 

    All the outcomes of Design Studio, during the project timeline, are in PDF format + image formats whenever applicable. After the outcomes is approved, you will receive an open source editable format for your design.

    Visual communication is all about taste, in this case your target audience taste. A good design should be a visual representative of the tone of voice your brand is willing to have.

    This depends on a lost of variables, you can request our Design Studio rate card by requesting a free quote above.