What is atp?

Adenosine Triphosphate is the molecular currency of energy for any living thing.

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We are Based in Cairo, Dublin
& Dubai

We kickstarted our journey in 2014 and since have expanded our presence to 3 markets allowing us to serve multiple regions with the same efficiency. We are fully functioning in Europe, Gulf, Middle East & soon in Africa.

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We do things a little differently…

We love to always be on the move whether it’s for our next challenge or our next destination. Our practical remote approach in everything we do gives us the chance to dodge all those barriers us to handle different markets, time zones, and client requests with maximum efficiency.

We’re big on design

Killer campaign? Stylish social media posts? Or even starting your new brand? We’ve grouped together a hub full of awesome international designers from Europe to the US. With this quirky network of creatives, we can work with any taste or budget you throw at us and get you that sublime design.

We’re Tech Geeks

We love tech…a little more than the average person. Our tech team always has their finger on the pulse in all things tech related whether its solutions for corporate websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, CRM systems, or recruitment and training portals.

We don’t just stop there. We also like to get our hands into new innovative projects like serious games, digital simulations and AI empowered modules.

Industries we love to support

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Medical & Pharmaceutical

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Fashion & Beauty

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Learning & Development

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Travel & Tourism
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Technologists need the latest skills to do their jobs effectively. And technology leaders need visibility into how their teams work to put the right people on the right projects. Pluralsight gives you both—the skills and data you need to succeed.

Digital Advertising & SEO

In-house certified Google Partners

Fields of expertise


Creative services including brand naming, marketing strategies & Innovative solutions.


Art direction, branding, Packaging, Advertising, printings, illustrations & more.


Branding/corporate website, e-commerce websites, mobile applications, CRM systems & more.


Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram Campaigns, Lead Generation Campaigns.


Social media posts, profile management, moderation & spend management.


2D & 3D videos Story-boarding & Animation, VR Tours & VR presentations.

Selected work