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8 Steps to Crafting a Powerful Product Description

Whether you’re just set up your eCommerce platform or you’ve gone global, product descriptions are a crucial part of your eCommerce business. It is essential for your business to present your brand in the best light possible. That means having a creative product description present on your website or blog that will effectively capture your audience’s attention and convince them to buy.

Writing product descriptions can be a daunting task. They need to be targeted, specific enough to pique the reader’s interest, and short enough to entice them into visiting your website.

What is a Product Description?

A product description is a type of written copy that is used to explain what your product is and the benefits a customer may get from buying it. They should provide all the necessary details about your product to help your customer understand your product better.

Product descriptions come in a variety of different forms, some brands offer single sentence descriptions while other brands offer a long list of bulleted features to scroll through. The type of copy can also vary from brand to brand, with some being fun and quirky while others offer a more professional and serious tone.

Identify Your Audience

When writing the product description, there are a number of things you should know about your audience. For instance, if your target audience is people who are more health-conscious, they may be drawn to products that address their personal goals. A product description can also be tailored based on user behavior, which helps you to reach potential customers that are in the market for what you offer. You will need to do research on your topic and then use that information to craft the perfect product description for your customer.

If you have a list of attributes with your target audience, you can start with statements that are true for all of them. For example, if your audience consists of mothers, use statements like “tired mom who just needs a break” or if the target audience is millennials, “productive digital natives.” This will help you write more engaging copy that’s true for your target market.

List Your 5W’s and H

The purpose of a product description is to entice browsers into wanting to learn more. It’s also your opportunity to explain exactly what you offer or who you are, but often there is no clear-cut answer for that.

It’s important to establish who needs the product, what it does and how it works. This will help you write your copy in an understandable way that is not complex or overly technical. Take some time and think about the 5W’s of your product before writing it.

Create a Compelling Offer

Before you make your product description, think about what is most important to you. For some people, it might be the price of the product, for others, it might be the warranty they provide with the product. It’s important that your offer appeals to your audience. So think about what is most important for them and that will help you set up your product description.

Use the key icon-search terms to target your keywords. Also, use keywords associated with your type of business to name your product — for example, ‘sports’ to market sports supplements or ‘pain relief’ should come first in the name of every pain relief cream.

Write the Bullet Points that Convert

There are many ways to write a product description. It can be in sales copy, in an ad, or in an email. Each one will provide you with its own unique service. What they all have in common is the bullet point structure. The bullet point structure is simple enough to use even when you are rushing to finish your work. Here are 5 steps to writing the best bullet points for your product description that convert.

Benefit and Features

One of the most important things to consider when writing your description is what your product does. Besides conveying what your product is and how it helps, you will also want to mention the benefits of your product. What does your product do for customers and how will it improve their lives? Just like the benefits of any product, if you can provide a specific example, you will help people better understand what your product does and how it can benefit their lives.

If customers do not understand what makes your product different from the others on the market, they will not understand why they need it. Your product description should be clear, concise, and have specific details about how your product will benefit customers.

Use power words and emotion

You need to create a message that resonates with your consumers. It needs to be something that they are actually interested in but also personalises the information for them. It is important to use powerful words that can truly impact your customer’s decision in your product description. You want your copy to stay consistent and be able to grab the attention of potential consumers. Emotional words are also the key for this, so you could include “warmth” or “comfort”.

Keep SEO in Mind

It’s important to keep SEO in mind while you’re crafting your product description. This includes keeping the language of your product name, the title of your blog, and the headline focused on providing useful information for visitors to find.

Use the key icon-search terms to target your keywords. Also, use keywords associated with your type of business to name your product — for example, ‘sports’ to market sports supplements or ‘pain relief’ should come first in the name of every pain relief cream.

Add powerful visuals

It’s very tempting to just slap some text down on your product page, but that won’t cut it. You need to make sure your product description actively engages your customer’s attention. One of the most powerful ways you can entice someone to purchase your product is through powerful visuals, such as clear pictures and videos.

The power of a product description lies in its ability to move a consumer from thinking about your product to being able to feel it, use it or experience it. A good product description will entice people to buy your products and it will convince them that you have a better offering than your competitors. With these 8 simple steps, you will be on your way to crafting more powerful and engaging product descriptions for your customers.

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