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Tips & Benefits To Making Your Brand’s Packaging More Sustainable

In today’s world, now more than ever business owners and entrepreneurs are finding ways to make practices more sustainable from lessening printing in the office to recycling as much waste as possible. 

Now we’re not saying becoming a more sustainable business or brand is something that can happen overnight…however there are some small steps you start off with to get you on the right green foot.

From switching the packaging of your products to exploring greener suppliers, implementing more sustainability in your production process doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some small changes you can kickstart your implementing to make your business more sustainable. 

Use cardboard boxes or recycled shipping bags for packaging your orders

This is the most popular businesses are using to switch to greener options for packing their products and orders. While most businesses face the problem of cardboard boxes taking up more space when delivering orders, which means less orders go out and more time and money spent on gas. The solution to this issue is packaging things based on the size of the product and placing larger or more fragile products in cardboard boxes and smaller or less fragile options in paper parcels or shipping bags. 

Consider Plant-based Materials =

Now more than ever, suppliers are finding new ways to make plant-based packaging solutions. From mushrooms, cornstarch, and even seaweed (yes seaweed!) there are endless possibilities to find the right plant-based packaging solution for your brand. 

Organic Fabrics or Reusable Bags

We’ve been seeing this alot in supermarkets, fashion brands and convenience stores. Switching to fabrics and reusable bags has become a popular option when considering packaging solutions. 

Eco-friendly or Recyclable plastics

We get it…sometimes you need something that is going to be strong enough to look after your products and get them safely to your customers door. We’re not throwing out the option of plastic…just the harmful non-recyclable plastics. In recent years, suppliers and businesses have been producing plastic packaging that can be recycled after use so you can still get all the benefits of plastic without adding more waste to the environment.

Customers nowadays are savvy when it comes to sustainability and have a strong awareness of green business practices. Because of that influential factor most customers will base their decision on choosing your product or a greener alternative. Here are a few ways that you can communicate your eco-friendly efforts and inform your customers of your contribution to lessening your carbon footprint as a brand.

Take your customers on your green journey

If you’re actively communicating to your followers and audience on your social platforms, then informing them about the green switch can be a great way to get the word out about your latest upgrade. Take them along the journey, through behind-the-scenes, unboxing, and small informative content on how they can recycle your packaging once they receive it. You will find that many will support the cause and consider it a powerful business decision which could even lead to customer loyalty from many of the customers who share the same environmental values and ethics. 

Add it to your next newsletter or email campaign

If you want to take it up a notch, you could even opt to include an entire segment or dedicate your whole newsletter to sustainability and educate your customers on going green, how and what they can recycle. You can let them know about the sustainable changes you’ve been making and how they can get involved and contribute.

Add a page or segment on your website

If that isn’t enough for you you can opt to dedicate an entire page or segment on your website about sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. While many big corporations are communicating their contribution to lessening their carbon footprint, many small businesses and startups aren’t sharing their contribution. Since it can be a big deciding factor for customers, especially eco-friendly conscious ones, it would be worth adding a page and discussing sustainable options and providing information on sustainable choices.

Information in/on the package on how they can recycle

Add information on the package itself informing your customers about how they can recycle their package once they receive their order. You can also add a recycled card informing them of how they have contributed to the environment by choosing to receive their package eco-friendly.  

We hope these tips helped you explore new options when it comes to your decision to shift to more sustainable packaging. We’re sure your customers will appreciate and value your brand more. With more awareness of harmful and environmentally-damaging products and packaging choices, we’re sure you will be ahead of the game when it comes to being a more sustainable brand. We wish you great success on your journey to a greener business. 

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